(She is the same as Snickerdoodles from the other wiki, I just prefer her name being Gingersnap)

anyway my Aristocats OC, also Toulouse crush still

Apperance Edit

She is ginger in color with a white Muzzel (with a little triangle leading up between her eyes) and white spot on her chest she also has white socks and a white tail bottom

Personality Edit

She is very playfull and active all the time she lived with the alley cats and adored living with them being very alley cat-like herself. She also knows how to defend herself if she ever needs to going into her 'fight mode' she will usheith her claws and could ward off nearly anything leaving them with a few scratches to remeber her by.

Bio Edit

She is the daughter of one of the alley cats and always lived with them. Bumping into Toulouse after she moved in with them and taking an instant liking to the orange cat. She loved to go with him to quiet places and watch him paint

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