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After a while, Duchess and Thomas decide to have just a couple more kittens. Then Amelia and Pina are born.

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Amelia: Amelia is very lady like like her older half-sister, but she doesn't mind roughing it once in a while.

Pina: Pina is crazy and adventurous. She's always getting stuck in places she can't get out of, and loves to cause trouble.

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Amelia: She is ginger-orange like her father but with a white muzzle, chest, paws, and ears. Her collar is a cyan bow. Her eyes are a marine blue color.

Pina: Pina is silver with dark grey stripes all over her body. Her collar is a lime green bow. She has her mother's eyes.

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  • Amelia loves to be fussed over.
  • Pina loves to go outside.
  • Amelia is afraid of loud noises.
  • Nothing scares Pina.

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